RentalSpec Stillage Design service

We offer our clients a comprehensive design service backed by many years experience of producing bespoke stillages and cages. Our skilled CAD operators can accept drawings or create drawings of proposed designs.


We offer a full in-house CAD design service, and can draw upon many years of producing bespoke stillages for warehouses and factories around the UK.





Conservatory stillage

This stillage was designed to store conservatory kits being delivered from the factory to building sites around the country. We were given the problem that damage was being caused during transportation and also that storing the conservatory parts was taking up too much space in the factory and at the building sites.

We designed the made to measure stillage to suit the parts , ensuring the products got to site safe and sound. By making the stillages stackable it meant that two stillages could be stored in the space taken up by one on the factory floor.